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February– the coldest month of the year in Alberta.

Yet somehow we find a way to make it the coziest month too.

Hot chocolate, fuzzy socks, heated blankets- you name it!

These are the things that make winter so warm.

But what about the things that make it not so cozy?

The slippery ice you so gracefully fall on each morning?

Or the snow that trickles down the back of your jacket when sweeping off your car?

These are the things I enjoy the most about February…

The things that remind us that we all have weaknesses.

They keep us humble.


At least we can all suffer together… Happy February!

Silent she sits
Patiently waiting
Eyes like daggers bore holes into your soul
She takes a step
Faster and faster
You fall into her icy embrace
Clinging to the image of a warm sun
As she seeps into your skin
You feel her take your last breath
She smiles as she leaves and the frostbite has won


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