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What's Your Superpower?

When the conversation of "What would your superpower be?" arises, the debate of mind-reading is a classic. In the beginning, most people say they wouldn't settle for anything less. Although, the conclusion typically resides to be that mind-reading would not be a good superpower as humans are often afraid of how others perceive them.

After extensive contemplation, I have decided that mind-reading would be an incredible asset.

Here is my logic: Have you ever tried to explain something to someone and you’re not quite sure they understand the full extent of it? When you describe an idea or an opinion, you have an image in your brain that you are verbalizing. No one will ever be able to accurately visualize your thoughts. Fortunately, if you could read minds, you might just be able to share your thoughts exactly as they are!

Of course, there are always flaws that come with this ability. Some famous authors have already mastered the Art of Explanation. The works that have been picked up by producers with the intent to bring them to the "big screen" usually don't do the novels justice. If the author could simply share thoughts with the director, the movie would be exactly as the author intended. Unfortunately, the great thing about novels is the personal connection you make to it while visualizing your own interpretation of the story. This is what gives literacy the ability to transport you to other worlds.

Despite all the good mind-reading would bring, I believe the burden would be far worse. All superpowers have their ups and downs- just ask spider-man! If I could choose any superpower, it would be a cure-all. Being able to show someone your inner thoughts is nothing compared to seeing someone else hurt and being able to help them. The great thing about this power is that we all have the ability to help others. What's your superpower?


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